5 Ways To Create A Romantic Home

Blue Flower Vase

Art Nouveau Blue Flower Vase

Romantically inclined? (Aren’t most of us?) Here are 5 suggestions for surrounding yourself with beautiful, romantic objets d’art, without breaking the bank!

1. Take Stock of Your Tastes
The art of living beautifully doesn’t mean spending lavishly, it means living lavishly in your own style, your own creativity. Take a few minutes to really think about what makes you happy and how to reflect that in your surroundings.

2. Take Stock of What You Already Have
You’ll be amazed at what you already have can be updated, repainted, repaired, modified or reused–transformed from something old and musty to something gorgeous. Almost anything can be painted (or re-painted). Visit your local hardware store’s paint section and take a look at some of the current techniques — faux painting, etc., for updating what you already have.

3. Choose New Items Wisely
The exquisite bronze-finish Art Nouveau blue flower vase shown above is an affordable, yet beautiful, way to express your artful taste, yet still have money left over for brie and other small, but essential, luxuries! But be careful! Spend your luxury pennies wisely–it’s often better to wait until you’re sure you cannot get what you want “used” before you buy “new.”

4. Go On A Treasure Hunt
Of course, one of the most fun things you can do is treasure hunt through shops and garage sales. Hunt your local thrift and charity shops (they need the money and you’ll SAVE big time). When you visit garage sales, try to negotiate a better price. Remember, if you arrive early at a garage sale, you’ll have more choices, but often if you arrive near the end, you’ll get killer prices.

5. Double Your Pleasure
It’s amazing how easy it is to incorporate items you would have hanging around the house into an entirely new, romantic look. For example, old family photos, framed in antique (or antique-looking) frames serve the dual purpose of reminding you of loved ones, while lending an elegant air to your private world.

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