Wholesale Order Policies
Required Identification:

We sell wholesale only to verified business dealers or vendors. You must supply a legitimate
State Resale License number or Federal EIN (or whatever identification your country provides),
as well as your full business name.  If you are a California business, we will need you to fill out a hard-copy resale license. This is to keep our California Governor happy.


Minimum opening wholesale order for jewelry/kits/wands is is $100.
Minimum reorder for jewelry/kits/wands is  $50

Minimum Order for  Statuary Items (all items with the phrase "SUM" in their line codes) is $150 wholesale.

Minimum number of charms that may be ordered is 12 (mix 'n match any type)

Please note that we are working artists and may be away from the phone, so it is best to contact us via email, if possible.  If you do call, please leave your name and speak your phone number s-l-o-w-l-y so that we can get back to you.  Phone number is: 310-530-1439
Our office hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (Pacific Time)

For email:  sales@mandarava.com
(Please DO NOT transmit your credit card number via email.)

All orders made via credit card must be delivered to the credit card billing address unless additional identification is supplied. This additional information may include photocopies of your driver's license, credit card (front & back) and business license or State Resale License document.

All orders made via PayPal must be delivered to the verified PayPal address supplied.

International Orders (orders delivered or paid for outside the USA)
International orders to some countries will be considered for jewelry, kits and wands.  Due to the high cost of overseas shipping, statuary items cannot be shipped outside the U.S.A.

CUSTOMS FEES, TARIFFS and International Taxes
 Please be aware that we do NOT collect any tariffs or Customs fees and those fees are NOT included in the price of your order. It is your responsibility to apprise yourself of our country's regulations. We cannot refund your account for orders confiscated by your country's Customs Officers. PLEASE contact your local postal office or Customs Office regarding their regulations BEFORE you order. We are a United States company and all orders are shipped from the USA.


We accept MasterCharge, VISA, verified PayPal, Checks and Money Orders.
You will be required to supply the 3-digit security code on the back of your credit card, if ordering by credit card.

All orders made via credit card must be delivered to the credit card billing address unless additional identification is supplied. This additional information may include photocopies of your driver's license, credit card (front & back) and business license or State Resale License document.

Payments made via check or money order will not be shipped until the banking
instrument has cleared our bank and monies have been released.


On orders containing statuary items or large items, we will contact you via email with your shipping total.  We do not charge your credit card on line.  The shipping estimate given with your order is a rough estimate.  Your destination and your order contents may cause your shipping total to be different.  We will email you for approval if your shipping amount is more than $1.00 over the estimated shipping amount.

Most orders are shipped within 5-7 business days after receipt of payment.
Jewelry, Kits & Wands are shipped via US Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.
Statuary items are shipped via UPS Ground.
We ship from California, USA
Special delivery arrangements may be available for an additional charge.

In general, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, but please contact us if you need to do this.
Statuary is shipped via UPS Ground and cannot be delivered to P.O. Boxes.

We cannot ship to all countries because of various international trade and delivery problems.

Returns and Refunds

Wholesale items are NOT returnable except for manufacturer's defect or our order error.
Please contact us within 14 days of receipt of merchandise if your order has an error or if
any of your items are damaged.

A "statuary item" is an item with the phrase "sum" in its line code.  For example: ANSUM,DSUM,CAPSUM, etc.

In some other cases, we may accept returns of jewelry, kits or wands within 14 days,
but you MUST discuss your situation with us. 
We will determine, at our discretion whether your items may be returned.

If we have approved a non-defect or non-error return, please observe the following:
Merchandise must be unopened and in saleable condition. It cannot be marked, tagged or in anyway unsellable to another customer.
NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED without a return authorization number. You may obtain a return authorization number by doing the following:
1.Use our Contact Form
2. Include your original ORDER NUMBER (we cannot identify you without this number)
3. Include your original INVOICE DATE (date on the invoice shipped with your order)
4. Provide a brief explanation as to the problem or reason for the return
5. No returns after 30 days of receipt of merchandise.

Items returned for any reason other than our error or manufacturer's defect may be charged a 20% restocking fee at our discretion.

Drop Shipping
We do not drop ship at this time. Stay tuned.

Statuary items include a wide array of items including candle holders, incense holders, furniture, lamps, boxes, mirrors, plaques, bowls, statues and more.  These items are distinguished from Mandarava jewelry, kits and wands by the fact that they have the phrase "SUM" as part of their item id.  Examples of items that would be considered "statuary items" are: ANSUM7173 (Angel Candlestick), SUM7624 (Vulture Bowl),
ARTSUM6675 (Fairy  Box), DSUM7471 (Dragon Lamp), etc.  Remember, if the item has the phrase "sum" in its item id, it counts toward your statuary subtotal. 

If the item does NOT have the phrase "sum" in its item id, it counts toward your Jewelry/Kit/Wand subtotal.  For example, the item KESBD014 (Ganga Garden Fountain), is a statue, but is counts toward your Jewelry/Kit/Wand subtotal because it does not have the phrase "sum" in its item id.


We do not manufacture the T-Shirts shown on our retail site, and cannot offer them to you wholesale.  If you are interested in purchasing these t-shirts wholesale, may we suggest that you visit our wonderful wholesale t-shirt supplier at www.themountain.com .  Tell them we sent you!



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